We began combining the benefits of polyester fabrics and polymer acrylic emulsions in 1985. Through the course of over 27 years of actual installations, we have developed a system that uses a common sense approach toward solving problems.
It just makes sense that if a roof has no seams or joints, even at the flashings, that it cannot leak. There is no heat, no mechanical fasteners or large heavy rolls of material. Fluid-applied means that it is fully adhered to all surfaces and is manufactured in place.... coat by coat.
We have some time ago achieved a certain perfection in installation which  eliminates call backs.
We attribute the success of installation to several factors:
1. We have field tested various fabrics, and other companion products to the acrylic coating such as polyurethane rubber bases used in conjunction with the system to achieve the “best approach” toward roofing.
2. Each installation is customized to achieve a performance level that is unequaled in the industry.

3. Because of the outstanding weather-ability characteristics of polymer acrylic coatings, this is always the final coat for the system.
4. We do not compromise quality for cost or expense, however long term we offer the most economical solution to your roofing needs. 
Because the FlexKote System is renewable, it is now one of the
more cost efficient systems available.
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