History and Introduction

The formulation of FlexRock products is based on twenty-seven years of actual experience in fluid applied roofing systems and wall coatings. In short, everybody wants a building that does not leak, requires little maintenance and looks good for a long time. Since wall leaks are typically associated with cracking of the exterior finish or dysfunctional details and flashings, the FlexRock System is designed to address all of these issues.
Our flashing system is simple and yet effective. We take a straightforward approach to eliminate joints and reinforce stress areas. By virtually eliminating callbacks, a contractor or developer who spends time and money for warranty calls can turn those valuable resources into additional profit centers rather than liabilities.
One notable achievement is that the system is hard enough to feel like a plaster finish, yet it remains flexible. Secondly, never before has a single-component, waterborne acrylic product been able to effectively emulate the appearance of conventional stucco finishes. Although this achievement is on the cutting edge of innovation and technology, the base of our system has a proven twenty-seven-year track record both horizontally and vertically.
As you learn more about the product line, we think you will agree that this system solves problems that have been present in the industry since inception.
Thank you for your interest in our products,
Steve Craft
Founder and CEO
FlexKote Industries, Inc.




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